About ARD Investments

Journey So Far..

ARD Investments is a diversified investment company that spans across various industries. With a focus on mobility, logistic and transportation, Petconomy, and real estate, ARD investments owns major brands such as Gulf Way group, Petology, Theonelaundry, United Way, and Royal Boutique. In the mobility sector, ARD investments invests in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure to improve transportation and mobility options. The company’s investment in logistic and transportation sector is aimed at improving the efficiency of logistics and transportation networks around the world. In Petconomy, ARD investments focuses on investing in pet-related products and services, recognizing the increasing demand for quality pet care and products. Real estate investments on the other hand have led to significant gains for the company, and ARD Investments continues to invest in developing properties and real estate projects. Overall, ARD Investments’ diverse portfolio of investments demonstrates its commitment to creating long-term value for its stakeholders, while striving to improve the lives of people, pets, and the community at large.